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    The Sandstone Pact (protection treaty with SAS)


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    The Sandstone Pact  (protection treaty with SAS) Empty The Sandstone Pact (protection treaty with SAS)

    Post  shavar on Tue Jun 10, 2014 9:46 pm

    The Sandstone Pact 
    In the interests of further helping the development of friends The Sandstorm Confederacy (TSC) and Stone and Steel (SAS) agree to the follow treaty:
    Article One
    The Sandstorm Confederacy henceforth recognizes Stone and Steel as an alliance and affirms a commitment to protect and develop it. Per this affirmation:
    I. The Sandstorm Confederacy agrees to intercede in incidents, by way of military, financial and/or diplomatic aid, where Stone and Steel are attacked without warrant.
    II. The Sandstorm Confederacy agrees to provide logistical support and advise in the development of , but affirms the sovereignty of Stone and Steel and its members.
    III. Stone and Steel agrees to seek the approval of The Sandstorm Confederacy for any aggressive action that is under consideration, and will do so at least 48 hours before commencing such action.
    IV. Stone and Steel agrees to make an honest effort to avoid negative between themselves and The Sandstorm Confederacies direct treaty partners.
    Article Two
    The Sandstorm Confederacy and Stone and Steel agree to enter into a long-term technology sale agreement, whereby Stone and Steel nations are considered sellers in Sandstorms internal tech sales, until such time that said nations are sufficiently large to become buyers. Sandstorms finance staff agree to coordinate and execute deals with Stone and Steels nations. 
    Article Three
    This treaty shall be reviewed in thirty days after the announcement of its ratification to Planet Bob. During such a review, Sandstorm and Stone and Steel shall decide whether either to continue the treaty, upgrade it, or discontinue it.
    Additionally, either side may agree to terminate this agreement by providing notice of 48 hours.
    Signed for Stone and Steel
    Blackeyebilly, The Arbitrator
    Ceres Soveign, The Sovereign
    Signed for The Sandstorm Confederacy 
    Alex0827a, Elder of Travel
    Satan1612, Elder of Organization
    Shavar, Elder of the Treasury
    Rattlehead, Elder of War
    ConRed, Tribal Elder of What ever is screwed up at the time

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