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    The Old Newbies Accord ( ODAP AGW Overlords )


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    The Old Newbies Accord  ( ODAP  AGW Overlords ) Empty The Old Newbies Accord ( ODAP AGW Overlords )

    Post  shavar on Tue Mar 18, 2014 11:52 am

    The Old Newbies Accord

    New Kid on the Block Meets Old Man Overlord:
    The alliances AGW Overlords (AGW) and The SandStorm Confederation (TSC) hereby aknowledge that will continue to acknowledge one another, until Alzheimer's sets in or this fad has passed.

    Stay Off My Lawn, Unless You're Cutting It:
    Members of both alliances will have R-E-S-P-E-C-T for the other and will not commit acts of aggresstion against each other, less Alex will beat you fiercly with whatever object happens to be closest.

    How Do You Work These New Fangled Spy Ops?:
    Both signatories agree to share information regarding the other if they hear the neighbors gossiping, or read about it on one of those feelpad typewriter thingys. Unless otherwise agreed, what happens on the porch, stays on the porch.

    Have A Butterscotch Candy:
    If the homeowners association is complaining about your "socks only jogs" again, we'll help fund the election for new board memers. In return, when the bullies start giving us a hard time, dip into that retirement fund so we can buy a bazooka.

    The National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse Clause:
    If there are kids on your lawn, we'll kill them if we deem it necessary. If friday night BINGO gets a little Unruly and spills into my lawn, maybe you can break out those filed down dentures?

    Beat Him With Your (Sword) Cane.
    If the jerk from Geek Squad is ripping you off, we might hold him down for you. Then we can go take care of little Johnnie, that ****er keeps taking my lunch money.

    It's Called A Phablet:
    I'll teach you how to skype so we can stay in touch, all the time... every waking moment... I'll be watching you.

    Try Not To Break Your Hip:
    Sometimes things happen. If things happen, give a 48 hour heads up.

    Signed, AGW Overlords

    Unruly - President

    Signed, The Sandstorm Confederation

    Alex0827a - Elder of Travel
    Satan1612 - Elder of Organization
    ConRed - Tribal Elder
    Shavar - Elder of Finance
    Rattlehead - Elder of War
    Veracity - He Does Things

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